Our Technology

What makes TWHS Technology unique?

At Trans World Health Services we have spent years designing, implementing, testing, and improving a revolutionary software development platform known as Kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope is geared toward use not by programmers but by business analysts, allowing them to create sophisticated, browser-based, enterprise-level applications in a fraction of the time it would take to traditionally deliver software.

When developing effective software solutions, understanding business requirements is everything. By using knowledgeable business analysts working together with users to develop prototypes and applications, there is vastly user satisfaction and far fewer issues with the initially-deployed version of a system.

Knowledge By Position

Rapid Application Development

At TWHS we pride ourselves on rapidly delivering web-based applications tailored to meet your organization's specific requirements and business needs. Utilizing Kaleidoscope we can deliver an application from a working prototype to a complete business suite in record time.

Our methodologies have been proven to deliver better results in less time than traditional or outsourced development.

Business Intelligence Applications

Simply defined, business intelligence is the capability to bring together relevant data in a timely manner, assemble it, and present it in a graphical manner that allows immediate understanding.

TWHS’ business intelligence solutions bridge the gap between people and data by delivering the meaningful, relevant information needed to understand where a project, department, or entire enterprise stands relative to its current status and performance targets.

Data Entry Applications

All organizations have some amount of paper forms. Health care organizations frequently have large numbers of forms needing to be manually filled out on any given day. TWHS allows the consolidation of paper forms and stand-alone “islands” of information such as spreadsheets and local data stores to be consolidated into a single, secure repository to minimize data entry errors and simplify backup and administration.

Using TWHS solutions, data entry applications may be combined with workflow, tasking, business intelligence, predictive modeling, and other applications to meet site-specific requirements for increasing data quality, accuracy, and timeliness while better supporting business processes.

Application Prototyping

The Kaleidoscope platform provides the ability to deliver functional prototypes in minutes, hours, or days so that users can see immediately how an application will look and function. Using prototyping, problems are able to be identified early in the development cycle when they are easiest—and least expensive—to correct. Using the TWHS rapid application development methodology, systems can be developed in surprisingly little time with no surprises to the end users when the system is deployed. Users are involved and engaged at every step of the process of prototyping the displays, business rules, workflows, business intelligence displays, and other aspects of the system.

As a result, clients have unprecedented control of how their final application will look and perform because they are an integral part of the development process.

Data Integration

Applications developed with the Kaleidoscope platform are able to interact with a wide variety of data sources ranging from sophisticated national data centers to user spreadsheets. Effective data integration is essential to maximize data accuracy and promote effective sharing of a “single version of truth.”

User-friendly Design

For user satisfaction, systems need to be friendly, intuitive, and visually appealing. The Kaleidoscope platform promotes effective user interfaces while allowing all manner of presentation styles to best meet the needs of the user while conforming to the standards of your organization’s identity.

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