Performance Improvement Supported by Appropriate Technology

At TWHS, we’ve developed a series of innovative technologies to help you optimize your organization. With our web based applications, we support building better processes that make big differences in efficiency and effectiveness.

We offer both packaged applications as well as customized solutions. Our packaged performance improvement applications start by answering key questions about organizational performance improvement, then displaying the results in a graphical format for fast comprehension to support timely decisions. We offer real-time and standard business intelligence, analytics, predictive modeling, workflow, and data management components to effectively integrate into IT environments.

Our customized applications combine deep process improvement experience with rapid application prototyping and development techniques. We demonstrate with successive prototypes to clarify misunderstandings and resolve the eternal frustration of “I don’t know what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it”.

Whether it’s a new departmental application, a replacement of a legacy system, a real-time visual process management system, an enterprise integration project, or a national business intelligence application, we’ve proven that our people and our technology can successfully deliver value in the form of more efficient and more effective operations.

An enterprise performance management system that helps you improve financial, clinical, and operational results.

A complete visual benchmarking and comparative analysis performance improvement solution for countries, regions, consortia, and departments.