About TWHS:
Our Vision

How many times have people been hindered by computer systems that forced them to use inefficient processes, didn't talk to each other, couldn't adapt quickly to changes in the way their business needed to work, or showed where the problems were long after there was an opportunity to solve them? How often have new business initiatives stalled because of fundamental disconnects between business and supporting IT?

TWHS was founded with the goal of enabling technology-supported processes that can be deployed in business environments to make substantial improvements in delivering better care and better value. We believe that the promise of automation is still a long way from being fulfilled in most environments, so we defined a simple concept of what processes should be about:

  • Let people do the leadership, thinking, and motivating to achieve a goal
  • Let computers support the people by doing the busy-work

We believe that there are better ways to develop software to support evolving business processes than traditionally undertaken. Industry best practices call for technology not to be just aligned with business needs, but actively working together to give business operations a competitive edge through appropriate technology.

We believe that software should be developed as closely as possible to the business to deliver results better and faster.

TWHS has developed processes and technology to facilitate rapid deployment of new processes so that your organization can take advantage of emerging opportunities and evolving requirements as quickly as is possible. Our approach extends from initial concepts through successive enhancements.