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What is the Health Center Accelerator?

Health Center Accelerator is a user-friendly web-based application that provides staff, managers and executives the information to improve the quality of patient care and facility effectiveness with existing resources.

The solution bridges the gap between people and data by delivering meaningful, relevant information needed to understand where a project, department or health center stands relative to its current status and performance targets.

Health Center Accelerator can help your business grow. Find out how...

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Take Action!

Health Center Accelerator provides an answer to the most important question: “What do we need to do right now to meet our goals?” In order to provide this much needed information Health Center Accelerator provides a proscriptive approach to performance improvement, data visibility, and cost reduction through:

  • Real-time business intelligence for key measures with drill-down analysis
  • Integration into facility workflows and processes
  • Easy–to-understand graphical “glass cockpit” displays
  • Integration of various other systems of record

Predictive Modeling: Take Control

Do we have enough providers to give quality care? Are we under-utilizing resources? Have we scheduled enough patients on a given day?

All of these critical questions are answered with the predictive modeling feature within the Health Center Accelerator. Create and test scenarios to predict outcomes and take action with:

  • Appointment schedule forecasting
  • Clinic capacity & demand
  • Trend analysis of current, past and predicted performance

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Receive Email and Text Alerts for Immediate Action

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Set thresholds to trigger alerts so that you can be aware of potential problems while you still have time to affect the outcome.

With Health Care Accelerator you can receive notifications about issues as they emerge, thus allowing you to turn around circumstances that previously would have only emerged after it was too late to create a positive outcome.

How Do I Get Started?

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How can Health Center Accelerator help your business role?

Chief Executive Officer

Traditional reports only show you what happened in the past. With Health Center Accelerator, you can see what is happening now on simple, intuitive dashboards. If you have questions about what you’re seeing, simply click to drill down to the level of data you need to make informed, pro-active decisions.

Key Features

  • See the current state of your organization's performance on an executive scorecard
  • Proactively manage performance and operations
  • Be alerted instantly when performance falls outside of your expectations, whether you are at your desk or away
  • Monitor the status of your organization with visual alerts for at-a-glance exception management
  • Collaborate internally and/or externally on improving indicators, processes and workflows
  • Improve performance by identifying and publishing beneficial techniques used by your organization

Chief Information Officer

As CIO you understand the ever-increasing demands for information. You also understand the challenges of so many islands of unsecured and potentially inaccurate information—all those user-originated spreadsheets and data sets that result in conflicting information. Health Care Accelerator delivers a means of consolidating these islands of data into a central solution with appropriate access, data sharing, standardized reporting, auditing controls, and backup.

Health Care Accelerator you have a unified data store and a comprehensive reporting capabilities to deliver the reports you and your associates need quickly. Further, you can provide excellent business intelligence functions and insightful, graphical displays about the current state of your organization. Health Care Accelerator can integrate with a wide variety of systems of record so that you can ensure consistency and reliability of your reporting.

Key Features

  • Automated data updates from multiple data sources
  • Integration with existing databases
  • Instant alerting via email when performance deviates from expectation
  • Automated reporting specifically applicable to your organization’s needs

Chief Medical Officer

As CMO your number one priority is ensuring that patients receive proper care. With Health Care Accelerator, you can see an overview of wait times, assess provider performance, monitor compliance with targets, and manage all aspects of quality improvement.

Health Care Accelerator allows you to focus on key issues quickly and efficiently, keeping you informed and your organization performing at its peak.

Key Features

  • Proactively manage performance and operations
  • Be alerted instantly when performance changes, whether you are at your desk or away
  • Stay informed with up to the minute updates on critical performance areas such as wait times, capacity and demand, and provider productivity
  • Ensure education and compliance with standards through messaging and communications facilities

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO you need timely, reliable access to both financial and operational metrics, as well as the ability to reconcile differences between them. Health Center Accelerator helps identify anomalies and enables you to identify unexpected circumstances and trends fast and better present your information to other members of the executive team as well as board members.

Health Center Accelerator gives you up-to-the-minute insight on billing, accounts receivable, adjustments, expenses, cash on hand, and all the underlying data, thereby providing you with better understanding and control.

Key Features

  • Get up-to-the-minute updates on billing, accounts receivable, adjustments, expenses, and the operational data supporting them
  • Replace cumbersome spreadsheets and multiple data repositories
  • See patterns and alerts graphically
  • Be alerted instantly when thresholds are breached, whether you are at your desk or away
  • Monitor key indicators for at-a-glance exception management


As a manager, you are counted on to understand all aspects of your staff and your department’s performance. Traditional reporting can show you what has happened in the past, but Health Care Accelerator can give you insight into what is happening now and into the future. Help monitor targets, identify emerging trends, assess and compare staff productivity, and receive alerts on unexpected performance issues so that you can proactively take action before becoming a statistic.

Key Features

  • See your department's performance on intuitive, graphical displays
  • Compare current and past performance and identify potential future issues
  • Receive alerts when performance varies from your expectations
  • Proactively manage performance and operations