Opportunities in Technology

Development Interns

At Trans World Health Services, Inc. (TWHS), we teach cutting-edge software development to make students valuable in the job market. Our fast-paced environment trains students in a broad base of skills so that they can rapidly identify, analyze, and respond to business and software development needs. Working with a team of dedicated employees and the company's chief technology officer as their supervisor, interns have direct access to decades of experience in information technology and health care, including a management team that already built a company from concept to IPO before moving on to do it again with TWHS.

Beyond working in an environment that promotes personal and professional growth, interns at TWHS also know that they are making a positive difference. Through the development of better “thinking” technology for healthcare delivery, our systems improve quality of care, decrease costs, and increase efficiency in a market that demands innovation to meet critical needs. The systems that our interns work with directly improve the lives of countless people and provide real meaning to their efforts.

We are constantly looking for motivated students who want to learn and apply their skills to tough problems. Interns are expected to work between 25 and 40 hours per week at our office in South Reno. While the core hours are 9:30am – 5:30pm, we are flexible with scheduling, and there is usually an experienced employee in the office in the evenings should the interns need to attend class during the day.

Our internship programs start in January and September and last from three to eight months. Interns are assessed at set intervals throughout this time frame, the results of which may be sent to the students' faculty advisor for review. At the end of the eight months, interns who have proven their value are eligible for consideration for continued part-time work through graduation and regular positions upon completion of their degrees.

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