Case Study

“To date the system has helped to identify £4 Billion in cost avoidance estimates.”

- Health Service Journal


  • Background: A Global Issue
    • Escalating increases in health care costs continue to cause focus on efficiency and effectiveness of expenditures
    • Operational statistics may be aggregated in many places but are rarely available centrally for performance improvement
  • The Problem
    • A national health service wanted a means of publishing key performance metrics and cost avoidance estimates for all of its hospital providers, health services purchasers, and monitoring organizations throughout the country
    • Initial goal: identify potential areas for improvement and efficiency, and make best use of public funding to deliver quality patient care
    • Initial categories of information included clinical effectiveness, prescribing, and workforce
    • Requirements for the national indicators included historical trends, rankings, and groupings to show best practices and illustrate avoidable cost estimates for any services not meeting the targets
  • Approaches
    • Joint development project between data provider organization and TWHS as design and technology provider
    • Large-scale business intelligence system design, development and deployment
    • Rapid application development
    • Extensive prototyping
  • Solutions
    • National business intelligence solution capable of maintaining, analyzing, and presenting  data from all acute-care hospitals, health care purchasers/commissioners, and supervisory organizations
    • Presentation of key performance metrics in a simple yet effective manner for use in performance improvement by chief executives, finance directors, medical directors, and operational senior managers
  • Results To Date
    • National visibility and transparency in health care performance
    • Better care through improved clinical performance
    • Better value through improved operational performance
    • Appropriate improvement targeting for non-conformant providers and purchasers
    • Increased efficiency through data integration and transparency
    • Leveraged information for better decision making and collaboration

Case Study Details

  • Why TWHS?
    • Proven industry experience and familiarity with national health services and governmental organizations
    • Proven innovation with visually-driven performance improvement systems design, development and deployment
    • Rapid application development methodology and technologies
    • Proven business intelligence technology
    • Experience with rapid delivery timelines where failure is not an option

Products and Services Used

  • Software:
    • TWHS Rapid Prototype Platform
    • TWHS Kaleidoscope Application Development System
    • TWHS XAS Business Intelligence System
    • Microsoft® SQL Server